Enamel and reassembly – Update # 42

The porcelain enamel keyhole door signs have been recreated here in New Zealand. Steve has almost finished reassembling the stunning ’38 Diamond T.

Wiring, paint and upholstery – Update # 41

The truck wiring is complete, Rowan has painted the Diamond T front guards and Kelly has done a beautiful job with the upholstery. The end is in sight….

The Diamond T seat – Update # 40

Kelly O’Donnell has begun work on the Diamond T seat and Rowan Glass has applied PPG Epotec two pack epoxy primer to the remaining panels. A very special article has emerged from 1931…..

The loss of a special friend

Our restoration journey has been rocked by the sad news that Rich Harner has passed away unexpectedly in Missouri, USA. It is only fitting that we dedicate this post to a special friend who has been such a significant part of the restoration behind the scenes.

The painted Diamond T cab – Update # 39

We are once again in awe of Rowan’s expertise and talent after seeing the beautifully painted Diamond T cab.  At the other end of the truck, Steve has fitted the iconic art deco bumper.

The pipes and tank truck equipment – Update # 38

Steve has restored and refitted the run off pipes and the tank truck equipment. On top of the tank, he has reconditioned and reattached the lids and roof access doors.

The conduit and tank wiring – Update # 37

Steve has placed new conduit and wiring throughout the Heil tank and has continued to restore and fit a number of components. Rowan and Nick have finished preparing the cab and some of the panels in readiness for painting. And the time has come to fire up the engine……

The dash panel, water pump & gearbox – Update # 36

The dash centre panel has been beautifully restored in Christchurch by Dylan Orpwood. Steve has had the water pump, gas tank and gearbox reconditioned – all are now back in the Diamond T.

Front sheet metal repairs – Update # 35

Over recent months, Simon has repaired the front sheet metal of the Diamond T and fabricated new inner door panels. Steve took the opportunity to trial fit the front panels and grille while the cab was still on the chassis.

Texaco in the 1930s – the USA vs NZ

While researching the history of the Texas Company, my attention was drawn to the Texaco publications, brands and promotions in the 1930s. This led me to compare three Texaco brands of gasoline during that era from different sides of the world. Two were launched in the USA and the third in New Zealand – the brand themes were poles apart but all involved a ‘chief’.

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