Creations and rebuilds – Update # 25

There is a long list of parts from the Diamond T truck and Heil tank that need to be either rebuilt or made from scratch. I have selected three for this post – two new creations and one rebuild.

Rubber, paint and primer – Update # 24

Moving one step closer to getting the ’38 Texaco tanker painted, the cab and Heil tank have been blasted and epoxy primed. Diamond T rubber parts have been manufactured, and Steve is currently painting suspension and brake components.

David Finlon’s 1940 Model 805 – the “other” Diamond T Texaco tanker

When I first began researching the streamlined tankers online, I discovered that another Diamond T Texaco tanker had survived. The 1940 Model 805 is owned by David Finlon, and has been under restoration for the past several years.

Hot riveting – Update # 23

Continuing with the chassis restoration, the next step was to affix the fish plates to the chassis rails. Replicating the original construction would involve hot riveting the two steel surfaces together.

The Texaco tanker dash instruments – Update # 22

The stylish dash instruments from the Diamond T Texaco tanker have been fully repaired and restored, and have undergone a dramatic transformation. In addition, I have looked back at the history of the manufacturer of these stunning gauges, Stewart-Warner Corporation, being another chapter in the Texaco tanker’s story.

Two roofs, one cab – Update # 21

The modified, Heil built roof on the Diamond T cab has now been removed, and repairs have continued on the 614 cab body.

August 10th 1938 – the chassis build date – Update # 20

Steve has disassembled the rolling chassis and, in doing so, has discovered an important date in the Diamond T tanker’s history.

Rebuilding the Diamond T cab – Update # 19

We are very excited to once again witness the talent of Simon Tippins and Craig Garland at Creative Metal Works. The work being undertaken this time, is the reinstatement of the Diamond T 614 cab.

Creating the stunning enamel letters – Update # 18

The vitreous enamel process on the recreated TEXACO letters has been carried out at Procote Industries Limited in Dunedin, New Zealand. The “rolling billboard” signage is simply stunning.

Discovering the 1938 Texaco tanker’s history

One important question remained unanswered when I began to research the tanker’s history. Did the ’38 Diamond T actually originate from South Carolina?  The 1959 license plate that was tied to the grille certainly suggested as much but I had not been able to verify this. From the SC state population of 5 million, we only needed one person to recognise it and answer that question…….and that one person turned out to be Lee Boozer from Newberry County, SC.

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