The dash panel, water pump & gearbox – Update # 36

The dash centre panel has been beautifully restored in Christchurch by Dylan Orpwood. Steve has had the water pump, gas tank and gearbox reconditioned – all are now back in the Diamond T.

Front sheet metal repairs – Update # 35

Over recent months, Simon has repaired the front sheet metal of the Diamond T and fabricated new inner door panels. Steve took the opportunity to trial fit the front panels and grille while the cab was still on the chassis.

Texaco in the 1930s – the USA vs NZ

While researching the history of the Texas Company, my attention was drawn to the Texaco publications, brands and promotions in the 1930s. This led me to compare three Texaco brands of gasoline during that era from different sides of the world. Two were launched in the USA and the third in New Zealand – the brand themes were poles apart but all involved a ‘chief’.

Time for the Hiab – Update # 34

We have used a Hiab to lift the freshly painted Heil tank onto the chassis. Steve has begun fitting the Texaco letters, rails and lights to the tank, and the cab has been positioned for a trial fit.

Off the gun – Update # 33

Off the gun. A paint finishing technique and a phrase I have heard mentioned many times throughout this project. I have now seen first hand what an ‘off the gun’ finish can look like……and it looks stunning!

A glimpse of red – Update # 32

The first splash of red has been applied to the tank, albeit by way of a primer coat. The enamel trunk letters are now finished and a prototype has been produced of the Heil hand / foot rail pedestals.

Almost rolling – Update # 31

A rolling chassis is only weeks away. Enamelling has begun on the trunk letters, the cab and tank have finally been reunited and we have purchased a rare keyhole sign from the original Texaco truck fleet.

The steering box and the elusive pedestal design – Update # 30

Steve has stripped down and reconditioned the Diamond T steering box. We have also made progress with the pedestal design after discovering the existence of another Heil tank.

The Texaco tanker body preparation – Update # 29

We always knew that the body preparation on this restoration project was going to require a more specialised, talented approach. And that is exactly what we have got with Auckland based panel beaters, Rowan Glass and Nick Saunderson.

The pedal assembly and rear springs – Update #28

The pedal assembly has been stripped down and reconditioned, and the rear springs painted. After a ten week pause, work is under way again on reassembling the chassis.

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