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Re-writing the Doodlebug history – Update # 47

Rich Harner discovered that more than six Doodlebugs were produced. And he found evidence that two different versions of the unique tanker were built between 1933 and 1934.

The Howard W. Kizer photos – Update # 46

Rich Harner gifted us some photos in 2019 that once belonged to Howard W. Kizer. These historical images have initiated yet another project…..2023 is shaping up to be a very busy year!

Texaco in the 1930s – the USA vs NZ

While researching the history of the Texas Company, my attention was drawn to the Texaco publications, brands and promotions in the 1930s. This led me to compare three Texaco brands of gasoline during that era from different sides of the world. Two were launched in the USA and the third in New Zealand – the brand themes were poles apart but all involved a ‘chief’.

Discovering the 1938 Texaco tanker’s history

One important question remained unanswered when I began to research the tanker’s history. Did the ’38 Diamond T actually originate from South Carolina?  The 1959 license plate that was tied to the grille certainly suggested as much but I had not been able to verify this. From the SC state population of 5 million, we only needed one person to recognise it and answer that question…….and that one person turned out to be Lee Boozer from Newberry County, SC.

The origin of the streamlined tankers – the Texaco Doodlebug

In the early thirties, the Texas Co embarked on an initiative to modernise its image and its tanker fleet. The innovative and futuristic tank truck that the company subsequently created is popularly known as the Texaco Doodlebug.

The heart of the tank truck – The Diamond T Super-Service engine

With the tank body now sitting in the fabrication shop, Steve has turned his attention to the Diamond T 614D cab. After removing the grille and the two front fenders, we have a better view of the heart of the tank truck – the Diamond T Super-Service engine.

A.W. Wheaton Brass Works – the tank truck equipment

I recently contacted Emco Wheaton in the hope that I could find out some information on the A.W. Wheaton Brass Works tank truck equipment. I was extremely fortunate to have my enquiry end up on the desk of Keith Taylor, International Sales Manager, Tank Truck Equipment SME in Margate, U.K.

Keith has been with Emco Wheaton for 44 years so his knowledge and understanding of tank truck equipment goes without saying.

A childhood memory of a Diamond T Texaco tanker

Since starting this blog on the Diamond T Texaco tanker restoration, we have been put in touch with some really interesting and helpful people throughout the world. One of these folks is Jerry Turner who lives in Veradale, Washington, USA.

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