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The loss of a special friend

Our restoration journey has been rocked by the sad news that Rich Harner has passed away unexpectedly in Missouri, USA. It is only fitting that we dedicate this post to a special friend who has been such a significant part of the restoration behind the scenes.

David Finlon’s 1940 Model 805 – the “other” Diamond T Texaco tanker

When I first began researching the streamlined tankers online, I discovered that another Diamond T Texaco tanker had survived. The 1940 Model 805 is owned by David Finlon, and has been under restoration for the past several years.

1930’s graphic design – the Texaco tanker logo

Shortly after we bought the tanker truck, we realised that there are subtle, quirky differences in the 1930’s Texaco tanker logo when compared to other Texaco branding of the same era.

I am mindful that this topic won’t interest everyone, so the second part of the post refers to some more parts for the Diamond T that we came across and the amazing property on which the parts were found.

A few words of thanks before we begin….

Before we begin the actual restoration work on this project, there are a number of people who have contributed up to this point to make this all possible so we would like to acknowledge and thank the following:

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